Baby Formula – which one I should get ?

Never realize before that baby formula is very expensive !
I used a well-known brand for my baby since he was born. And he finished 1 can only for 4 days ! My budget suddenly became really huge for baby formula. Than I started to think to find a better deal, a cheaper deal. I found ebay is really a help for me. I bought many baby formula and coupons on ebay almost half price than retail price.

I am a new comer in the United States, so I do not know very well about all the culture and shopping stuff. I found it out that we can register to many baby formula companies to get their free sample of baby formula. Too bad I registered myself too late ( 4 months after my baby born). I only received less than 6$ coupon, each for 1$. It seems a kind of weird that many people sell their free samples on ebay, but I am the one who needs baby formula, never get one from the company. I researched online to know when is the best time to register to get free sample. It is around 8 weeks before and after the due. Keep that date on your schedule to register !

I also did a research if store brand such Parent’s Choice from Walmart, and Up & Up from Target is good for my baby. After research online and asked the pediatrician, it is really safe for the baby, and the nutrition is also similar. My baby does not have stomach problem, constipation, etc. He even does not realize the different taste, like he did before when we tried Gerber formula. I am really glad and relief.
Thanks to Walmart who produce a good baby formula and very generous with the price, coupon and sample. You can ask for Parent’s Choice sample here. They have 3 varieties : Premium (compare to Enfamil Premium), Advantage (compare to Similac Advance) and Gentle (compare to Enfamil Gentlease).

I researched online about the ingredients that Parent’s Choice has compare to Similac. The main ingredients is the same, only the order (I guess the percentage) is different. I focus on Lutein, DHA/ARA, and Prebiotics on the baby formula. Lutein is from safflower or sunflower oil, ARA from Mortielella Alpina oil, DHA from Crypthecodinium Cohni oil, and I still do not know where ingredients Prebiotics come from. Similac has less than 2 %, Parent’s Choice has less than 1%. However, my thinking is is it that important to have a lot of DHA/ARA in the baby formula ?

Also, I found it out that you can ask free sample every time you go to the pediatrician. They will give you some. It will save you some money. Do not shy or doubt to ask. They will be glad to give you some.

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