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Business Social Network
Businesses are increasingly using business social networks as a means of growing their circle of business contacts and promoting themselves online. In general these networking tools allow professionals to build up their circle of business partners they trust. By connecting these business partners the networking tools allow individuals to search for certain people within their network. Through introductions the members of these tools then can get in contact with new prospective business partners. Since businesses are expanding globally, social networks make it easier to keep in touch with other contacts around the world. Specific cross-border e-commerce platforms and business partnering networks now make globalization accessible also for small and medium sized companies.

Professionals who wish to leverage their presentation skills with the urgency of physically being present attend general and exclusive events. Many professionals tend to prefer face-to-face networking over online based networking because the potential for higher quality relationships are possible. Many individuals also prefer face-to-face because people tend to prefer actually knowing and meeting who they intend to do business with.

Face to face business networking is often facilitated by referral networking clubs.

A professional network service (or, in an internet context, simply professional network) is a type of social network service that is focused solely on interactions and relationships of a business nature rather than including personal, nonbusiness interactions. Notable examples include LinkedIn.

Employment Website
Many employment websites are designed to allow employers to post job requirements for a position to be filled and are commonly known as job boards. Other employment sites offer employer reviews, career and job-search advice describe different job descriptions or employers. Through a job website a prospective employee can locate and fill out a job application or submit resumes over the Internet for the advertised position.

Nearly all major corporations use some form of Applicant Tracking Systems to handle job applications and to manage resume data. The principal function of an ATS is to provide a central location and database for a company’s recruitment efforts. ATS are built to better assist management of resumes and applicant information. Functionality of an ATS is not limited to data mining and collection, ATS applications in the recruitment industry include the ability automate the Recruitment Process via a defined workflow. Another benefit of an applicant tracking system is analyzing and coordinating recruitment efforts – managing the conceptual structure known as Human Capital. A corporate career site or company specific job board module may be offered, allowing companies to provide opportunities to internal candidates prior to external recruitment efforts. Candidates may be identified via preexisting data or through information garnered through other means. This data is typically stored for search and retrieval processes.

Job Search Engine
The success of jobs search engines in bridging the gap between jobseekers and employers has spawned thousands of job sites. These sites range from broad all-purpose job boards, to niche sites that serve various audiences, geographies, and industries. Many industry experts are encouraging jobseekers to concentrate on industry specific sector sites. With the increase in popularity of niche sites, other sites have begun to rank them in order of quality.

Many jobs search engines and jobs boards encourage users to post their resume and contact details. While this is attractive for the site operators (who sell access to the resume bank to headhunters and recruiters), job-seekers exercise caution in uploading personal information, since they have no control over where their resume will eventually be seen. Their resume may be viewed by a current employer or, worse, by fraudsters who may use information from it to amass and sell personal contact information, or even perpetrate identity theft. Noted as,,

Looking through the classifieds in newspapers, such as The Straits Times, etc.

Employment Agency or Recruiter
Using a private or public employment agency or recruiter. Since the beginning of the twentieth century, every developed country has created a public employment agency as a way to combat unemployment and help people find work. An executive-search firm is a type of employment agency that specializes in recruiting executive personnel for companies in various industries. This term may apply to job-search-consulting firms who charge job candidates a fee and who specialize in mid-to-upper-level executives. Some third-party recruiters work on their own, while others operate through an agency, acting as direct contacts between client companies and the job candidates they recruit. They can specialize in client relationships only (sales or business development), in finding candidates (recruiting or sourcing), or in both areas. Most recruiters tend to specialize in either permanent, full-time, direct-hire positions, or in contract positions, but occasionally in both.

Outsourced recruiters typically work for multiple clients at once, on a third-party broker basis, and are variously called headhunters, search firms/agents, agency recruiters, or recruitment consultants. Contract recruiters tend to move around between multiple companies, working at each one for a short stint as needed for specific hiring purposes. The responsibility is to filter candidates as per the requirements of each client. You can find many employment agencies in Indonesia or Brunei. They can charge you for fee in the beginning or after you get the job.

Job Fair
A job fair is a fair or exposition for employers, recruiters and schools to meet with prospective job seekers. Expos usually include company or organization tables or booths where resumes can be collected and business cards can be exchanged. Often sponsored by career centers, job fairs provide a convenient location for students to meet employers and perform first interviews. Electronic job fairs offer the same convenience online. The difference with an electronic job fair is that the employers and job seekers meet each other one-on-one by logging on to a website that hosts the electronic job fair. Like a traditional job fair, electronic job fairs are held on specific days during specific hours. These events are live and fully interactive.

Job fairs are good places to meet many company representatives from corporations of all industries and sizes during a short period of time. Every job fair has a set of similar, basic elements or processes that require your attention. Job fair networking can be generally described as the process of interacting with, obtaining contact details of, and getting to know corporate recruiters.

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  1. linda says:

    salam kenal mel. I’m Linda. currently, living in Jakarta and I desperately need to discuss about jobs with you. Do u mind to reply this message to my email address. Thank you so much.

    Linda 😉

  2. Heriady says:

    I’m as specialist engineers for medical Instruments for CT scanning system have a pleasant for jobs as an engineers for health care system.

    adrian Heriady

  3. zaki idris says:

    hi zaki..looking for a job in a position as u mind to reply to my email..tq ya..

    zaki idris

  4. mike says:

    Hello mel..i’m a fresh graduate of hospitality in surabaya.i’m looking for u mind to reply my email?thanks..

  5. chica wenas says:

    Pls give me a job @ SINGAPORE thx GBU

  6. Johanes Cahyo Bawono says:

    Permisi, nama saya cahyo kalau boleh mau minta tolong ?
    saya punya pengalaman kerja selama 3 tahun di korea di Perusahaan Percetakan, bagian sablon atau cetak gambarnya. Kalau ada lowongan di singapura saya ingin bekerja sesuai dengan pengalaman saya.
    Terima Kasih kiranya bisa membantua saya.

  7. Johanes Cahyo Bawono says:

    Excuse me, my name cahyo I might want to ask for help?
    I have work experience of 3 years in Korea in the Company Printing, screen printing or print section drawing. If there is a vacancy in singapore i want to work according to my experience.
    Thank You would be able to help me.

  8. ima juita says:

    Info krjaan donk di singapore apa pun pkrjaan nya aku siap …

  9. sabri says:

    hi Linda nice to informtion i am teacer of holy alquran since 8 years ago i come from indonesian but now i m in malaysian do you know job for people like me in spore? my email tq so much

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