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Everybody like games, and so do I. In the last 2 decades, the game grows very fast, from 2 dimensions into 3 dimensions, from shooting to planning. Sometimes game can cost you much money, from Nintendo, PlayStation and Wii. Thanks to the internet, that makes anything is possible. We can browse many games for free in the digital world. We can get 100%free download game, or we can pay some money to download the game.

I like everything that is free for me. Since I like planning game, I like some kind of games that I can find easily online for no charged.
Here is the some games that I played for free, you can download that now.

Fashion Dash
Ini adalah full download game-nya.

Fab Fashion
Download free trial game here.

Than download full version of the game here.

Fashion Fit
Download free trial game of Fashion Fit here.

Download full version in here.

Doggie Dash
Download free trial here.

Full version here.

Fitness Dash
Download free trial here.

Full version here.

Very Girly Game
wah..aku menemukan website ini secara kebetulan, ketika aku sedang mencari-cari gaun cheong sam yang banyak digunakan para wanita di Olimpiade Beijing. Wesite-nya berisi game-game yang sangat girly.
Seperti kita bisa mencoba-coba banyak pakaian pada satu orang, dan kemudian mencetak hasilnya dalam kertas hitam putih. Ini cukup bagus untuk ibu-ibu yang mempunyai anak-anak perempuan untuk keperluan belajar mewarnai. Ada banyak pakaian yang bisa dicoba, dari pakaian olimpiade beijing sendiri, baju balet, wedding-gown, etc.
Gamenya bisa ditemukan di
Berikut contoh hasil hitam putihnya yang bisa di-print…Tidak jelek kan untuk latihan mewarnai ?

Ada juga game, untuk keperluan mengatur rumah, seperti ruang tamu, ruang tidur. Gamenya bisa ditemukan di

Movie download, cek this one

Komik Topeng Kaca online, click this one

Selamat menikmati…

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  1. Stevina says:

    i really love this article! 😀 VISIT MY BLOG, TOO AND LEAVE COMMENT, OKAY?

  2. ami says:

    thank you very much >_________<

  3. rizky says:


  4. Jay says:


    I wanted to let you know that this page contains a broken link for Fashion Fits. I would have sent you an email, but couldn’t find your email address. Here is an updated link.

    Fashion Fits –

    I hope this is helpful.

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