Parent’s Choice Baby Formula – Get free sample coupon

Thank you to Walmart who has produce a wonderful baby formula with wonderful price too. We love Parent’s Choice baby formula, the nutrition is comparable with the well-known brand, and the price is half of the well-known brand. Besides that Walmart also offer free sample and free coupon ! For sure, you will get very good deal.

Check their website to get free sample. Right now they offer 3 varieties for the free sample.
1. Premium, compare to Enfamil Premium
2. Advantage, compare to Similac Advance
3. Gentle, compare to Enfamil Gentlease

Parent’s Choice also offers free coupon. You can call 1-800-272-5095 to get 3$coupon. You will receive the coupon within 6-8weeks. You can call them again to ask more coupon every 30days (mark your calendar !). They will remind you to call them back to ask more coupon in another 30 days. Call them even you haven’t get the previous coupon.

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