Singapore Permanent Resident

Permanent residents usually have the same rights as citizens except for the following:
* they are not issued the passport of that country
* they are not apply for employment involving national security, however, male PRs have to undergo compulsory military service unless they are granted PR under Technical and Skill Workers Migration Scheme. For example a first-generation male, granted permanent residence by marrying a citizen, still has to serve national service

Permanent residents may be required to fulfill specific residence obligations to retain their status. In some cases, permanent residency may be conditional on a certain type of employment or maintenance of a business.

Many countries have compulsory military service for citizens. Singapore extends this to permanent residents. However, in Singapore, most first generation permanent residents are exempted, and only their sons are held liable for NS.

Permanent residents may lose their status if they fail to comply with residency or other obligations imposed on them. For example:
* they leave the country beyond a maximum number of days (varies among countries but usually more than 2 years)
* they become a threat to national security, or they commit serious crimes and become subject to deportation or removal from the country

Usually permanent residents may apply for citizenship by naturalization after a period of residency in the country concerned. Dual citizenship is not be permitted.

In Singapore, permanent residents are issued a blue identity card with their photograph, thumb print and other personal particulars similar to citizen’s pink identity card

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