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Being productive does not mean you have to go to the office every weekdays and work for 8 hours. Being productive can be done anywhere. We have to thank to the internet. The internet has change a lot of ways in doing things. Saving your money, paying your bills, socializing, researching does not need to go out from your house. Just sit in front of your computer and just as easy as click your mouse and type some keys.

When people are still without kids, it is very easy to go anywhere and do anything. But when you have kids and you live in a country where it is much better and cheaper to take care your own kids, going to work everyday become an issue. Being a stay at home mom, work at home mom or work from home people are desired in these days. However, that issue can be solved with all of simple technology.

The easiest way is to fill some surveys online and get paid. Some companies will pay you for doing a survey. The survey can be vary, from baby product until cellphone. Each survey is different. Some can take longer than others, some can pay you more than others. Every time you finish filling a survey, you will get points and you can redeem the points after certain points. Let me know if you are interested to get money by doing survey online, I will send you the invitation. Just drop me your email.

There is also an online service, where many people in the world offer a job to anybody who can give a good price and a matching skills. It usually for a certain time job, like a project. People post a job, you apply to the job, the employer will assess your skills with the job, and hire you if you are the right people. You do your work and the employer will pay you after you finish it. Each of you can leave a feedback to let others now how good you are as a employer or as an employee. If you are interested, drop me your email, I will send you the invitation as well.

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2 Responses to Work from home

  1. well, thanks very much for the information about your article ” working fr home”, if u don’t mind please send me the requirements how I can be a part of it..
    u also can reply me in a n e-mail, thus very much thank u for the attention given.

    sincerely yours,

    syahran pulungan

  2. Rifky Irdiansyah says:

    I want to try the online survey, can u give the invitations? Thank you.

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