What you need to know about Brunei

The total population of Brunei Darussalam is approximately 428,000 (2010) of which around 130,000 live in the capital Bandar Seri Begawan.The government provides for all medical services and subsidizes rice and housing.All Brunei citizens have access to free health care from public hospitals.
The official language of the nation is Malay, even English is also widely spoken.

Islam is the official religion of Brunei, and the sultan is the head of the religion in the country. Two-thirds of the population adheres to Islam.

The sale and public consumption of alcohol is banned. Foreigners and non-Muslims are allowed to bring in 12 cans of beer and two bottles of other alcohol (e.g., wine or spirits; no distinction is made for alcohol content). This limit used to apply to every entry; in 2007, however, this was changed to one limit every 48 hours. After the introduction of prohibition in the early 1990s, all pubs and nightclubs were forced to close.

There are four local newspapers in Brunei:
Pelita Brunei – A free bi-weekly Malay-language newspaper
Borneo Bulletin – The sultanate’s first English-language daily
Media Permata – The sole Malay-language daily
The Brunei Times – An English-language broadsheet daily

As for mass media, the Brunei government owns and operates six television channels with the introduction of digital TV using DVB-T (RTB 1, RTB 2, RTB 3 (HD), RTB 4, RTB 5 and RTB New Media (Game portal) and five radio stations (National FM, Pilihan FM, Nur Islam FM, Harmony FM and Pelangi FM). A private company has made cable television available (Astro-Kristal) as well as one private radio station, Kristal FM.

The government regulates the immigration of foreign labor out of concern it might disrupt Brunei’s society. Work permits for foreigners are issued only for short periods and must be continually renewed. Despite these restrictions, foreigners make up a significant portion of the work force.

The Brunei Government actively encourages more foreign investment. Companies in Brunei must either be incorporated locally or registered as a branch of a foreign company and must be registered with the Registrar of Companies. Public companies must have a minimum of seven shareholders. Private companies must have a minimum of two but not more than 50 shareholders. At least half of the directors in a company must be residents of Brunei.

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